The ageing process

The ageing process

Once the distillation is finished, it’s now time to place the new eau-de-vie in oak barrels. This step is essential for the development of the eau-de-vie.


Maturating cognac

The long process of ageing cognac takes sometimes decades. This is made possible thanks to the porous nature of the wood that enables interactions between the eau-de-vie and the air.

Thereby, these interactions with oak wood are changing the eau-de-vie colour going from golden yellow to fiery brown.

This exchange with oak’s natural characteristics leads with time to the creation of the « rancio » and the development of the unique cognac aromas.


The Cellar Master

The work of the Cellar Master is a result of a great experience. Through the Cellar Master, Maison Painturaud can control the quality of its products. Indeed, by blending several eau-de-vie of different ages, the Cellar Master, just as an alchemist, creates a true harmony. This “artist work” enables each consumer to recognize and enjoy the Cognac eau-de-vie he likes.